About Goldie Gear

What makes Goldie Gear so special is that we are Truly Canadian. We are supporting Canada’s National Sport of Hockey and giving Hockey Players the opportunity to stand out in the changeroom with Hockey Clothing that is FUN to wear. Our goods are designed, manufactured and warehoused locally in Toronto.


Our first line of Goldie Gear products include Hockey Jills and Hockey Long Underwear designed in vibrant, Fun and Colourful patterns.

The fabrics are of the highest quality, the workmanship is detailed and all designed with the purpose of standing out in the change room.

Hockey garments have been traditionally dark in colour, damp to the touch,  and often smelly.


Players dig  these items out of the bottom of their hockey bags a few times each week.  These clothes are lifeless and without pizazz – they are the materials closest to a hockey players skin.


Now Hockey Players can enjoy the Long Underwear and Hockey Jills and Jocks  that they have to put on! Goldie Gear has been created so that each player can look forward to opening that Hockey Bag, that there is something FUN to wear inside.


Parents will enjoy the price points – an affordable line of  Hockey Apparel clothing that won’t break the bank if you need to replace any of it each year.

Dont Be afraid of your Hockey Bag! Have Fun! Put some Colour in the Change room.


So if you are expected on the ice for a 7 am practice or a 10:30 pm game at night, Goldie Gear  is with you, is next to you, sharing in the FUN.


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